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How to transition from entrepreneur to CEO in 2023

by James Cook, as seen on Business Leader

Summary: In this guest article, Rachel Turner, Co-founder of VC Talent Lab, explains how entrepreneurs can transition to CEOs as their businesses scale in 2023.

This article discusses the challenges faced by founders when transitioning from entrepreneur to CEO and provides practical guidance on how to shift gears effectively to maximise the chances of success for scaling businesses. Most founders are natural Brave Warriors, which is why they've been successful at the start-up stage. However, as the business grows, they need to change gears effectively, and at the right moments. The article provides examples of how founders can shift from being a Brave Warrior to a Considered Architect or Wise Monarch and suggests practical tips on how to develop Considered Architect or Wise Monarch muscle.

Founders need to build to build a personal support network, learn about leadership, and recognise that what got them where they are won't get you where they want to be if you want to transition from entrepreneur to CEO in 2023.


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