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How to survive the startup marathon like a hero

The Great Business Minds podcast, the definitive show for the business of digital infrastructure

In this episode we speak with Rachel Turner, a transformative leadership advisor and coach with over twenty years of experience as a founder whisperer. Rachel is the co-founder of VC Talent Lab and coaches founders of VC-backed businesses, from blitzscaling tech companies to global consumer brands and professional services organizations.

In this episode, Rachel talks about her life journey, the experiences and people who have influenced her, and what motivates her in life. She also shares her thought process for generating new ideas and what she considers non-negotiable in business.

Rachel also sheds light on the characteristics and skills VC investors should look for in promising founders and business leaders. She explains why founder leadership skills are crucial to the long-term success of any business and shares specific challenges and struggles founders may face in the digital infrastructure industry, along with tips on how to survive the founder 'marathon' in the digital infrastructure sector.

Listen on the Great Business Minds podcast or click below >


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