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How to Lead Successfully in a Globalized World

Updated: May 1, 2023

As seen on Forbes

Summary: This Forbes article highlights insights from experts in executive search, pay and reward consulting, executive coaching, and leadership development, on what leaders must do to be successful in a globalized world.

The article emphasises the importance of building a global culture of inclusivity, promoting pay transparency, understanding cultural differences in working practices, and adapting leadership style in line with company growth Rachel Turner, author of The Founder’s Survival Guide, says that to work effectively on a global scale, leaders need an understanding of and sensitivity to the different cultures and environments the business is operating in, and need to challenge their assumptions about the best way to inspire globally distributed teams.

Turner suggests that while sensitivity and adaptability become more important when leading globally, communicating a shared vision, strategy, and set of objectives remains crucial, and leaders should remember that they are the 'Reminder in Chief'. She emphasizes that leaders who spend time being curious about cross-cultural differences are better equipped to traverse challenges with greater ease, and that leaning into asynchronous ways to communicate and encouraging a two-way flow of information across the organization are as important to effective global leadership as the more traditional 'all-hands town hall' or leader road-trip.


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