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At last, a book that will be genuinely helpful to founders! Rachel’s been a founder, then coached founders for over two decades, and her understanding of the challenges we face is second to none.

Leading a fast-growing start-up is an exhilarating and bumpy ride, and The Founder’s Survival Guide makes it just a little smoother. Buy it and keep it by your desk!

Melanie Travis, founder, Andie Swim

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The founder path is isolating, stressful and overwhelming, and few founders survive the scale-up journey unscathed

If you don’t scale your leadership as you scale your company, you’re unlikely to survive. 

Rachel Turner has spent 22 years helping founders of growing businesses to survive and thrive so they can lead successful and healthy businesses. The Founder's Survival Guide shows you how to do the same.


The Founder's Survival Guide helps you:

  • Shift from entrepreneurial ‘brave warrior’ to operational ‘considered architect’ or visionary ‘wise monarch’ leadership

  • Flip between communicating to influence and communicating to manage and be equally skilled at both

  • Stay energetically match fit for the marathon, not the sprint

  • Avoid self-sabotage ego defenses that can floor even the most inspiring founder


This book is an indispensable bible for any founder who wants to get out of their own way and ensure their business – and their life – will still be thriving in 2 years, 5 years, even 10 years’ time and beyond.

Blaire Palmer

Future of Leadership Expert and Author of What's Wrong with Work?

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Rachel Turner
Author, The Founder's Survival Guide

Rachel is a ‘founder whisperer’ with over twenty years’ experience as a transformative leadership advisor and coach to start-up and scale-up businesses. She is the co-founder of VC Talent Lab and coaches founders of VC-backed businesses, from blitzscaling tech companies to global consumer brands and professional services organisations.

Rachel is married to her teenage sweetheart Francesco and splits her time between their homes in Soho and Sussex.

Praise for

Rachel, your book's amazing! Every founder should be reading it and everyone who works for a founder should read it for sanity alone!

Chris Tottman

Partner at Notion Capital

The journey from founder to CEO is fraught with both opportunity and difficulty. In this brilliant, inspiring and practical book Rachel Turner plots a path through the minefield for founders to not only survive, but truly thrive.


Required reading for any founder looking to lead through scale up and to become the CEO their business needs as they grow.

Carole Gaskell

Author of Transform your Life and founder of The Full Potential Group

New entrepreneurial businesses fail when the founder gets the balance wrong between growing the business and growing their own ability to manage it.


Here is a wealth of practical advice for getting the balance right.

Professor David Clutterbuck

Author of over 50 books on leadership, management and coaching, visiting professor in coaching and mentoring at Oxford Brookes and Sheffield Hallam Universities

Rachel Turner is a brilliant coach and with her book The Founder's Survival Guide, she has given us the chance to pick her brain - virtually for free. This book is a treasure chest of invaluable insights.


Highly recommended reading for any founder seeking to build a business that supports their life instead of one that overtakes their life.

Nadjeschda Taranczewski

Author of Conscious You: Become the Hero of Your Own Story and founder of ConsciousU

Praise for The Founder's Survival Guide



For more ideas, insights and inspiration on how to not just survive but thrive as a founder read our latest article

Having been a creative agency founder and now investing in young businesses myself, I found the insights in The Founder’s Survival Guide both refreshing and grounded.


What so many other coaches miss is that guiding entrepreneurs to become CEO and leaders of fast growing startups, is how different these people are from those with a corporate career behind them. What’s more, the people investing often also have only corporate histories.


Rachel lays out the journey in crisp metaphors and principles that everyone involved will understand – and can act upon. Bravo!

Costas Papaikonomou

Author of The Grumpy Innovator and co-founder of UnaTerra VC and Happen Group

Rachel shares her wisdom generously, expecting nothing back but the joy she gets from helping others be successful. I am privileged to have her as my coach and was one of the first to read this book. When I started to suffer from being a Brave Warrior while scaling my company, her wisdom helped me to see my strengths and weaknesses and manage them.


My killer shots were my greatest assets but they started to become my greatest liabilities and I didn’t know how to use them. The Founder’s Survival Guide will help you survive and thrive! You’re lucky to have this book by your side.

Dilek Dayinlarli

Founder, ScaleX Ventures

Required reading for any founder looking to successfully traverse the challenges of start-up and scale-up.


Rachel understands founders and what makes them tick, and her book is packed full of insights, tips and tactics that will enable them to not just survive but to thrive.

Rob Kaplan

Founder, Circulate Capital

This is an essential resource for any founder, a handbook to turn to when things get tough. All founders make mistakes.


This book tells you how to dig yourself out of every hole you will fall into on your business journey. Heed Rachel’s advice and you might even avoid falling into so many.

Polly MacKenzie

Thought Leader, Chief Social Purpose Officer, UAL


"Required reading for any founder looking to successfully traverse the challenges of start-up and scale-up."

This book is actually more like a user manual... to myself. Rachel is truly a master when it comes to making big concepts easy to grasp. This book hands you both a framework and a Toolbox to unlock the best leader you can be for every situation.


If you’re exiting the messy, beginning stage as a company and you’re ready to grow up as a CEO, please make this book your business bible.

Rachael King

Founder, Pod People

The ideas in this book have been central to my success as the founder of a scaling business. Buy it. Keep it by your bed.


Turn to it whenever things get hairy.

Petronella West

Founder, Investment Quorum

Rachel’s book is a manual to help all founders to go from surviving to thriving - a mindset as much as anything else. 


The descriptions of the different styles made me smile (and laugh nervously at times) as they are so close to the bone! Rachel has a laser-like ability to get to the heart of things and not pull any punches. I’ve had the pleasure of being coached by Rachel and this book is like having her on speed dial for all those wobbly moments. I’m sure it will be well-thumbed over the next few months!

Claire Bridges

Founder, Founder, Now Go Create & Author of In Your Creative Element: The Formula for Creative Success in Business

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